On 30 October 1991 "Friends of Cominos House Inc." (FOCH) was incorporated under the Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981.

The Corporation leases Cominos House from Cairns Regional Council (5year renewable lease).

The Board of Management is structured to reflect specific interest groups or major stakeholders in ensuring effective and efficient management of Cominos House. The Board is constituted of eight members all of whom are members of the Association and comprises of two representatives from each of the following :

The Management Committee meets every two months with duties to manage the Centre and look after general maintenance of the house and grounds. The running costs are met from rent income and hire charges from the Rose Blank Gallery. The operation is based on commercial viability paying rates, insurance, general maintenance etc., from income earned. Annual accounts are audited and presented to Council. Major repairs and maintenance are paid out of a "sinking fund" established by the Cominos family.

The upstairs floor of Cominos House is tenanted by the Cairns & Far North Environment Centre and Visual Arts Association of Far North Queensland ( two umbrella groups), whereas the Rose Blank Gallery downstairs, is used for seminars, workshops and meetings. While community groups affiliated with CAFNEC, VAA or FOCH are offered preferential hire rates, booking inquiries from other clubs and groups in the community are welcome and organised through the caretaker, employed by "Friends of Cominos House" and lives on the top floor of the semi-detached building.

Membership of Friends of Cominos House Inc. is open and includes provision for Corporate members and Community Organisations to join.

Membership Fees - individuals $10.00 p.a.; corporations and community organisations $20.00 p.a.

Current representatives on the Board are:





Dell Richards (Secretary)

Lone White (President)

Ruth Zee

Helena Richardson

Dianne Prior (Treasurer)

Di Forsyth

Ellen Weber

Gerry Keogh




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