The plants below are indigenous to the area and provided a food resource for Aboriginal peoples and native animals

The tar tree is related to the cashew and while eaten by Aboriginal people should be treated with extreme caution due to a caustic chemical causing severe irritation Cycads grow naturally in this area and although poisonous provided food foe Aboriginal peole after a process of leaching in water, heating and grinding to produce a flour like substance
The nutmeg is a common rainforest tree and favourate food of the Torres Strait pigeon. Although not as strong in flavour it can be substitued for exotic nutmeg Piper Rothianum belongs to the same family as culinary pepper
Blue Quandong is a common rainforest tree with edible fruits. The leaves turn red providing a striking contrast to the blue fruit Diploglottis smithi or native tamarind provides abundant fleshy sour tasting fruits in Nov. Dec.